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Drama Television Pilots:


In the year 1900, iron-willed Alice O’Neil moves her 3 children to Salinas Valley, CA to start a better life, only to learn upon arrival that a catastrophic drought has left the inhabitants mean, desperate, and starving. She must use everything she has to protect her family, even if it means getting on the good side of the one man who could easily become her very worst enemy. DEADWOOD meets EAST OF EDEN


OCEANSIDE (working title)

Novel - YA

In parallel timelines, one 1980s and one 2010s, two teen girls grapple with trauma, loss, and love, all the while being deeply connected in the most unimaginable way.

Amy Ripley


Second Rounder - Austin Film Festival One-Hour Pilot Competition

​​​Near-future America is an isolated, theocratic nation, divided into six territories, ruled by six siblings, on the verge of a new civil war. Jess, the daughter of one of the leaders, finds herself in the wrong territory at the wrong time, and must race to safety across the border before she is captured by her uncle. GAME OF THRONES meets HOUSE OF CARDS

Works in Progress:


Feature Screenplay

When a real medieval dragon attacks Portland, Oregon, a band of nerds, gamers, and cosplayers must band together to save the city.


YA Historical Fantasy, 100k words

After her twin sister is taken by magical creatures in the woods, 18 year old Maysa Rivers is the only person willing to go after her and bring her back.


Winner - Humanitas Student Fellowship in Drama

​​In idyllic 1930s Oxford, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien are the tight center of an informal writing group called The Inklings. But when WWII and each man’s mounting notoriety begin to threaten the safe world they know and love, they must struggle to maintain their friendship and sustain their principles. DOWNTON ABBEY meets JOHN ADAMS

ROYAL SHADOW (working title)

Novel - YA Fantasy

Royal Shadow is the story of Ulla, the fierce bodyguard of Gael, a throne-averse prince. When the ruling regent, Gael’s scheming uncle, betrothes Gael to an enemy of their nation, Ulla must think fast to save her country and her future king. After forcing Gael to flee the capital with her, Ulla begins a dangerous operation to forge new alliances, subvert the regent’s rule, and ultimately convince Gael to retake his throne. But Ulla underestimates the pull of power. Once the regent is gone and Gael’s path to the throne becomes clear, will she be content to step aside?​