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Novel - In Progress - YA Fantasy

Royal Shadow

Disgraced bodyguard Ulla, who has spent two years in prison after taking the fall for the desertion of the reluctant crown prince, now must seek him out and convince him to return home and claim his birthright before his maniacal younger brother plunges the region into chaos.

Novel - Complete - YA Romance

Magic Hour

When all her film school opportunities dissolve before her eyes, 18-year-old Jess Arden signs up for a 24-hour film contest in Los Angeles: a last chance at her dream. Unbeknownst to Jess, her partner, 18-year-old Charlie Sinclair, is an infamous former child star with his future as much at risk as hers. With the clock ticking and their very identities on the line, they can't let anything distract them, even each other.


Novel - Complete - YA Magical Realism



Whenever 17-year-old Therese experiences trauma, she is pulled through time. She was almost used to it, used to being alone, until she was dropped into 1986, in a small seaside town called Santa Simona and adopted by Sophia. When Therese’s newfound peace is threatened with the arrival of Sophia’s abusive ex-husband, Therese is faced with a terrible decision: keep the peace, and thus keep her home in Santa Simona, or do everything she can to be rid of Richard, potentially tearing apart her world—and losing Sophia—in the process.

Novel - Complete - YA Fantasy

Second Kin

It’s 1589. Maysa is a restless 18-year-old whose life is one of strict rules in the tiny island colony she calls home. When her twin sister is taken by the dangerous, ancient fae in the forest, Maysa follows to bring her back. On her journey, Maysa is forced to confront truths she never wanted to learn—the truth of her father’s secret bargain with the fae, the truth behind the real reason her sister was taken, and worst of all, the truth of who Maysa really is…and who she was never meant to be.


Short Stories

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 6.34.36 PM.png

Short Story - Complete - Science Fiction

Mortal Dogs

Stirra, an android who gave up her immortality to be with the human she loved, only for him to then leave her and take their daughter away, must figure out a way to get her child back.

Short Story - Complete - Science Fiction


In a world where some humans can see future possibilities, Molly instead sees alternate realities, and becomes dangerously obsessed with her other selves' lives.



Teleplay - Complete - Historical Fiction


Inklings (Pilot)

In idyllic 1930s Oxford, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien are the tight center of an informal writing group called The Inklings. But when WWII and each man’s mounting notoriety begin to threaten the safe world they know and love, they must struggle to maintain their friendship and sustain their principles.


WINNER - Humanitas Student Fellowship

Teleplay - Complete - Science Fiction

Age of America (Pilot)

Near-future America is an isolated, theocratic nation, divided into six territories, ruled by six siblings, on the verge of a new civil war. When the daughter of one of the leaders finds herself in the wrong territory at the wrong time, she must race to safety across the border before she is captured by her murderous uncle.

For fans of GAME OF THRONES and BLACK MIRROR, with the feel of CHILDREN OF MEN.


SECOND ROUNDER - Austin Film Festival


Teleplay - Complete - Historical Fiction

Salinas (Pilot)

in 1800s California, single mother Alice uses the last of her savings to buy land in Salinas Valley, hoping to start over, only to find out upon arrival that the region is in the midst of a terrible drought and her property is worthless.

For fans of DEADWOOD and GODLESS.

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